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You might have heard about a blog before. It's pretty popular but not many people are aware of what exactly it is or how to write a blog? It sounds fascinating but it is very simple.

An online blog, written by either a blogger or a blog service provider is like a journal located on a website. These webpages hosts blog sites on which you need to create a blog, where you write and enter details about anything you wish or with the help of blogging resources.



It is a discussion forum on an international website having various free blog hosting and entries written in a personal diary-like style. Similar to a diary it has a blogger template where entries are sorted according to the dates. The first blog post is typically found at the bottom of the page with the recent one on the top.

Free blog sites are maintained by individuals and occasionally by smaller groups concerning a personal blog or subject. But with its gain of popularity, it has become frequently used by writers, freelancer bloggers and businesses.

A free blog is used to reach a particular group of people who have similar opinions and share your thoughts about a particular issue something that you might be passionate about.



Does that mean by making a blog it is going to make you successful? It is not that easy.

There are thousands of top blogs that have been created yet only best blog sites become popular. So what can be done? What steps should you follow?

SEO blog can easily be used for marketing and advertisement where the content which you have posted can be directed to the audiences that have similar requirements. Microblogging can often be interactive audiences put forward their questions and concerns and an SEO guest blog takes care of those by stating remedies and answers in a blog post.

Did you ever have a topic of interest that particular website video helped you understand? For any other questions related to that particular blog page, keep going back to that source?

Book blogs keep your audience held on to your blog writing sites and forms a very we communicable relationship with them.

Free blog platforms will give the audience an idea that you are the expert in your field of business and are capable of taking care of all your customer's needs. Blog SEO is an essential form of online marketing and allows your business to have a creative and colourful aspect.



By publishing an article on multiple websites, the best blogging platforms allow your page to appear higher rank in a blogger search engine, thus, gaining more popularity in return. This is also known as a guest post.

This is very beneficial when someone has high social media following or has gained popularity. By aiding and appreciating the content of a different blogger, an online blog allows you to a much wider scope of audience.

Similarly, if you post blogger blogs on your website, the audience that targets that content or blog also gets to see what you have to offer. The great form of marketing and is a win-win for both parties.



With an increase in the number of followers, your blog provides you can make money writing articles. There are two types of way in which you can earn money using your blog. The first one is by setting up AdSense. The popular list of blog sites can have hundreds of regular visitors.

The website is set up with ads which these visitors might click on. With every click, publishers are paid. The rate of income by this method is very low since very few people actually click on these ads.

The other way of blogging for money is with the help of endorsements. Start a blog for free and promote a particular brand or a product on your lifestyle blog for which you will get paid. This is a much common form of earning if you are a famous blogger and have a huge number of followers.



Instead of writing all the articles and posts of your own blog, you can outsource the materials to increase the frequency of posts and keep your audience engaged regularly. Guest Blogging is the most efficient way of growing blog at a rapid rate ensuring proper quality of writing and engaging content.

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