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E-book Creation

E-book Creation

While digitization has been taking over the world, our books have not been spared either. Books are now available in the form of an eBook or an electronic book, which is basically an entire book published in the digital format.

These books may consist of graphics pictures or only texts that can be read on your cell phones, laptops, computers, or other digital screens. Various existing hard copy books around so variable in the digital format, whereas most free e-books are made these days solely for the digital platform.


With all businesses and commercial transactions taking place online, all businesses will gain more with the help of ebook libraries. Since these are easily accessible from anything digital, marketing and promoting one's business become much more efficient.

Circulating business-related brochures, catalogues, flyers and advertisements also become pocket-friendly and eco-friendly. They are a great way to generate leads and attract e-readers.


Should you really Invest in an Ebook?

  • E-books are for customers going around window shopping or scouring vendors to buy a particular product. It provides them with a set of information on their topic of interest, allowing them to understand what they are looking for.
  • You can add pictures and detailed graphics for better understanding and triggering your customer's interest.


  • It allows an individual to carry hundreds and thousands of ebooks at the same time while being able to access them at any place and time.


  • The cost of creating an e-book is meagre compared to that of publishing a hardcover book, while sharing and distributing it is also more manageable.
  • EBooks may be linked with forms that need to be filled before you can download them. This strategy will help you to increase your customer database and generate leads.


How can you make an Interesting E-Book Yourself?

They are various points that need to be considered if you plan on e-book creation or e-book publishing.

  1. You need to make sure that you thoroughly research the market and estimate the information people search for most related to your topic of interest. Information you choose to provide must be crisp, transparent and consistent. You must provide all relevant information and ensure high-quality content that is impeccable for book publishing.


  1. Since your audience is faced with multiple options regarding a single choice of an e-book, you need your book to be artistic and attractive. Having a design that is custom made for your book help attract customers with its unique style, graphic, colour and other visual elements.


  1. Make sure the cover has a lot of illustrations and is appealing to the eye. Since it is a common saying that people "judge a book by its cover," you must be prepared for the one who does.


Can you Publish an E-Book on your Website?

If you have your own website and regularly update relevant information, you can easily link an eBook for convenience. Any e-book can be attached in the form of a PDF. It can be linked directly to your Kindle page.

By redirecting your customers to your website with the help of these e-books, you stand to get more traffic, which can be further utilized to make money. This is a valuable form of marketing that is smart and tactical.


Creating a Kindle Book

If you choose to take your company one step further ahead, creating a Kindle book is a great idea. There are various tools like Kindle that you can use to make your professional e-book.

There are steps you need to follow to customize your chapters and range your pages. You need to add a suitable title with pictures and other relevant details, which will help you arrange your matter into segregated paragraphs. After making all necessary formats and paragraphing, the book can be self-published directly into Kindle, turning a manuscript into a readymade book.


Can you Earn from Publishing E-Books?

Publishing an ebook can help you make money if you manage to get decent traffic on your website.

Using Google AdWords is an excellent way of optimizing a website. You can introduce options like pay per click apps to collect data and generate revenue every time your traffic sources click the advertisements

You can also sell your e-books as per demand or earn from publishing them on the Kindle store.


Where to Look for an E-Book Creator?

If you are looking for an e-book creator, look no further. Adya is an agency that can create e-books according to topics of your interest. Adya is the one-stop solution for all your needs regarding writing services, creating a design and illustrating your e-book.

We have professionals who are experts in custom writing in any niche applicable. If you need a technical expert to write a book for you, Adya offers you exactly so. Tell us what you need and give us any topic. We will customize your content according to your taste.

If you want to know what more we can do for you, write to us, and we will share all your desired information.