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How to form A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to form A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy?

Name a thing that doesn’t involve the internet or any other digital technology? Can’t seem to think of any? Well, this is the power of digitalization. It’s the new normal now. Similar is the concept of digital marketing that involves promoting by the means of the internet or through digital forms.


Sooner or later everyone has to adapt to this new change, by this I mean the companies who still want to stay in the market and competitive at the same time. To understand this better they should have an idea about the major areas of digital marketing.


They aren’t something too complicated or difficult to understand or let’s say to imply. They just give the basis of where to start. Marketing strategy, web content, SEO marketing, web analytics, social media management, or campaign management to name a few.


Clearly, marketing strategy is the foremost component. As the name implies, it is business objectives tied back with the marketing plan. Hence should be SMART. If it fails, the whole digital marketing plan fails.


This is important!

The major factors to be considered while formulating the social media marketing strategy are

  1. The product, what the product claims to be, or what ingredients the product is made up of? Is the product aimed at any market segment or to the masses?
  2. Product positioning will help businesses tell where the current product stands, is it in its introductory phase or have hit maturity?
  3. Place, where the product is presented. For instance, is the product only to be placed in the originated country or business wants to take the it internationally? Some products are seasonal while others stick around in the market for the whole year.
  4. Promotion, a significant element for planning the digital marketing strategy. Promotional budget is something every business considers, be it small or large. After all, business is all about “Money”.  Whether the presence on one digital form is enough or business should have various platforms to stay in touch with customers. Should only paid media be used or owned media will work more effectively?
  5. Price, can be a marketing strategy itself.  Will there be any promotional discounts or bulk buying privileges?

Surely the answers to all these questions are required when businesses go for traditional marketing or digital marketing. But, when thinking of a digital marketing strategy they are of immense value.



Consumers are considered as the KINGS of the business world. Business on the other hand, through their goods and services, fulfill their needs and wants. Market research helps here to get to know customers well and then satisfy their requirements accordingly.



Once you know enough about your business and targeted audience, evaluate your position on digital forms. Hire a team who can think of ideas to stay connected with the audience for a brainstorming session. Collect all the information and provide it to any content marketing company to come up with the promotion strategy.



The business world is dynamic. There is nothing constant here. Sticking to the same strategy for years will not derive any big change in results. A strategy that is working today may not be effective tomorrow. Keep evaluating the results against the KPIs. Make amendments where needed. This would help in keeping the strategy up-to-date.


This whole process seems to be a lot of work. Isn’t it? Well not, when you have an agency to rely on. Yes, you have heard it right. Adya is a provider of digital services. They completely understand the product, your objectives and strategies to meet your business objectives.