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Importance of Manual Writing

Importance of Manual Writing

In your daily life, when you use a new product or service, you are provided with a manual which contains written detailed instructions.

Have you ever wondered how life would have been if there were no manuals? Well, without the manuals, you would face a lot of difficulties in using the product or service on your own.

That is why every product or service comes with a manual that you can refer to if you face any difficulty. Let’s say that you bought a smart TV and now you want to view a channel, but don’t know how to do it.

Then you can simply open the written guidelines and look for instructions in it. It’s as simple as that.


Are there Different types of manuals?

Yes. There are different types of manual and each of them has a specific purpose. Here are some of the types, let me discuss with you

  • Product manual - The example that I gave earlier comes under this category. When you buy a new product, you are also given a product manual that you can refer to when using the product.
  • O & M manual - In this type of manual, information regarding the operation, maintenance, and demolition of structure or building is given.
  • Training manual - Through this manual, employees of a company or organization are trained throughout their employment.
  • Technical manual - This type of manual includes instructions for installation, repairment, operation, maintenance and training requirement.
  • Service manual - This type of manual is provided with vehicles or products for its maintenance and repairment.
  • User manual - This type of manual contains instructions for users to make full use of the information system.
  • Instruction manual - This type of manual is provided with almost every product for its users to make full use of the product.


Now the question rises -

How to write an attractive manual?

A manual must be well written so that its user can understand the instructions easily. If the manual is poorly written, you would be sitting for hours trying to understand the actual instructions.

Let me tell you some writing tips and writing guidelines on how to write an amazing manual. You must make use of creative writing to write a good manual.

  • Address the problem - Figure out what problems your user can run into while using your product. Once figured, provide solutions to those problems.
  • Break down the instruction - If the instruction is too big, it would be better to separate it into different steps because you don’t want to confuse your users.
  • Write detailed instruction - Try to include as many steps as possible so that your user doesn’t run into any error.
  • Include photos - Yes, that’s right. Photos will play a very important role as it will help your users to know exactly what you are talking about.

You can also write a manual for digital media. You can include a manual with your digital media just like any normal physical product. Just make sure that it is short and descriptive.

You can always write a manual yourself if you are good at writing. But I would recommend you to hire professional writers with far greater experience and resources. They will help you write an attractive manual and that too in a short amount of time. But how to find good professional writers for manual writing?


Where can I find good writers of manuals in India?

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