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Letter writing

Letter writing

Before the email or Internet gained its popularity, people used to send each other letters through post or mail. Now people are mostly sending the letters through email. Letters are mostly used by companies and universities for communicating between people hence it is very important that it should be professional.

Letter writing is one of the easiest modes of communication and can be written by anyone. The letter can either be handwritten or digitally written depending on the mode of posting the letter. Most of the time, letters are usually sent through email. But some companies and universities ask to send the letters through the post.


What are the types of letter writing?

There are several different types of letters based on the occasion. Below given are the different types of letter writing:

  • Formal letter
  • Informal letter
  • Business letter
  • Official letter
  • Application letter
  • Cover letter
  • Employment letter


Out of all these types of letter, formal and informal letters are the most widely used letter types. Formal letters are used for official purposes by various companies, universities, government organizations, and so on.

Informal letters are addressed to a family member, friend, relatives or any other person that you know. Informal letters are not much nowadays so people can connect through calls even from the other end of the world.


What are the major purposes of writing a formal letter?

Formal letters are the most widely used type of letter writing. Formal letters have a defined structure which must be followed whenever writing it. The purpose of formal letters is for situations like sending a job application, sending a job report to your boss, and so on.


This is one of the reasons why formal letters are not sent through email writing as it is mostly an informal medium. Another reason is that the formal letters often require signature or stamp for formally signing the letter. If you are a professional, then you will have to write several formal letters in your career.


How to write a professional letter?

For writing a letter, there is a standard format that is followed by everyone. Here is the correct order for writing a letter professionally:

  • Sender's address
  • Date
  • Receiver's address
  • Salutation
  • Body
  • Closing sentence
  • Enclosure
  • Signature
  • Initials of the typist if the letter is written by someone else


This is the correct format of how you can write a professional letter. Always keep in mind that your letter should be as short as possible. Don't make it look like a story which would take a lot of time to read. Just mention the necessary points while drafting the letter with your writing skills.


Why should we write a business letter professionally?

Business letters are more like formal letters where you have to be professional. In such letters, you cannot write as if you are addressing the recipient as your friend. Instead, try to be as formal as possible. Add important points about the topic and try to keep it as minimalistic as possible.

To write professional business letters, you have to write it formally. There is no need to write anything irrelevant to the topic. Address the recipient as if you are informing him/her about the topic and be as specific as possible.


Where can I find a good letter writing service provider?

If you cannot write a letter yourself, then you can always hire professionals. Professional writing service providers have the experience and manpower for getting the job done in time. If you are facing difficulty in finding a good letter writing service provider, then you can look for the best letter writing services on the internet.

There are several websites offering letter writing services at the best possible price. There are plenty of websites to choose from. Before selecting any website, you should talk to them or write to them to understand their credibility and whether they meet your expectation or not.


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