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Story Writing

Story Writing

We all have a story to tell. And we all want to listen to someone else's stories. Even for the children, stories play a vital role in their growth and development. Everything that has happened around us, everything we learn, and everything we read, are all stories.

What is a Story?

A story is nothing but an account of events that have happened in the past or in someone else's life. It can also be a fictional account of real or imaginary people, constructed for entertainment. There are various types of such stories.

Stories and tales consist of plots related to certain events or experiences that can either be fictional or non-fictional. On the other hand, personal narratives are the account of an event or an incident that is recounted.


Why would you write the Story?

There are four primary purposes as to why the writer chose to do their short story writing. The primary purpose is to amuse the reader or provide them with information, express their own thoughts and perspectives, persuade people through their writings, or create a work of literature. Throughout the years, authors have created masterpieces that have influenced, inspired people and given them knowledge of life.


How can you make your Story Attractive?

To do attractive story writing in English and improve your creative writing style. Some specific techniques and strategies have to be kept in mind while drafting your story.

The first point of attraction that you need to create is by writing a very catchy first paragraph. You must be clear about the audience that you wish to target and the purpose of your story. Accordingly, you have to make sure the first paragraph is encaptivating and leaves the reader wanting more.

To create a living and breathing character and has a contact personality, you need to draft characters and develop them to their full potential. Give the reader a glimpse of its complexity, making them either a mystery or relatability. You need to know your character in and out. Know their action, appearances, thought processes and dialogues in order to be able to relate them to your readers.


Choosing a Sound yet Attractive Set

You must be convinced about the point of view that you wish to apply. You must decide whether the narrative writing style will be subjective or objective and whether the perspective will be in the first, second or third person.

Add iconic and meaningful dialogues that people can quote and relate to. A sense of emotion must be introduced to your writing for your readers to immerse themselves and be determined to reach the end.


How to Promote your Story?

They are various independent reading associations and organizations with the help of which you can promote your story. Apart from a list of things that can be done, having great reviews will automatically help your book grow and aspire. The primary ways to promote your independent story are:

  • Hosting a book club
  • Collaborating with look library in the neighbourhood, re-enact your favourite books
  • Hosting this young author read about
  • Hosting event reading-related events
  • Promoting this story on the TV, news and radios.
  • Introducing a book at fairs and writers’ conferences
  • Getting reviews and recommendations from Amazon and Goodreads.


The best inspiration will always be coming from independent reading.


An Agency who will write for you

In case you have a story that needs to be written. Hiring the best story writing company in India will prove beneficial to you. There are various online or offline story writing agencies in India, from where you can have your story written.

Some freelancers will understand your requirement and form the story or the content that you need. They also have sites and story writing agencies, whether writers are available to fulfil all your demands.

One of the best agency to write story is Adya. Adya convert your thoughts into an attractive story to grab the audience