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Top 9 Metrics to Measure the Success of your Content

Top 9 Metrics to Measure the Success of your Content

How do you know the content you are producing is being appreciated by the viewers or consumers? How do you measure your performance against your rivals? Well, you use KPIs.


To the people new to this, let me tell you what KPIs are. These are the tools to evaluate the performance and measure the success of the business. There are certain fundamental indicators that can prove to be useful to the online content writing businesses.


Talking about the top 9 significant metrics, then, they are as follows:




This shows how many viewers have visited the site. The content generated by content writing company must assure that they keep it interesting and unique to not only get the hold of new visitors but also the old ones. This is the most important KPI since you want the content to be viewed for whom it’s generated. Otherwise, the effort and resources are wasted.




This indicates whether the content writer you have for the business was able to produce engaging content and does the audience have an interest in it? Interaction of the customers is a huge indicator that should get associated with the content writing agency. Comments or any other interaction can show the absorption of the visitor.




Once the traffic started pre-sales question, it shows that they are interested in the services you provide. It assures the business that the content is what viewers were looking for and want to associate themselves with the business. This aids businesses in evaluating the digital content marketing strategy. If the content marketing starts generating leads, then it means business is making progress otherwise the strategy needs to be altered. This is considered as one of the important KPI for any business




If your article writing websites are getting backlinks then it means the content provider has done a great job. Yes! That’s right. Backlink shows the reliability of the content. It enhances traffic and helps in getting SEO rankings. This KPI would indirectly support businesses




It shows the credibility of the content marketing firm to be ranked on SERPs. This has a score from 0-100, the higher the score, the better-ranked content will be. This can be improved by producing good quality content by hiring the best content writers or by getting high-quality links. This KPI would also support businesses indirectly



This is yet another way to measure success by seeing how many visits the content has made to the organic search ranking. The higher, the better. For this,  content writers must provide seo content, so that it can rank better and to be measured with a KPI with appropriate target.




Business success is not only measured by the existing customers but also its ability to convert potential customers into final consumers. The content marketing campaign should be diverse enough to attract not local people but international market as well. Whether the business is domestic or global, this KPI should be considered for measurement




A high bounce rate means that content is of no relevance to the visitor. Content promotion strategies should involve such ideas that can grasp the attention of the consumers and discourage them to leave without visiting all the pages.




This is a  great measure to see the success of not only the content but also the marketing of content writing. It shows the efficiency of the investment made. How much of the traffic lead to sales? How much of the international market in conquered?


The listed above KPIs are of great significance to any business who consider content marketing for their growth. Best content marketing companies do not stop by just measuring the success of business using these indicators once. You understood it right! They should be monitored frequently and amended whenever required.


Be it content marketing for a startup or experts, successful is only those who fine-tune their content regularly and who align the content KPIs with the business objectives.


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