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Why do Entrepreneurs Lose their Interest in Digital Marketing?

Why do Entrepreneurs Lose their Interest in Digital Marketing?

When the era of digitalization took over, it was obvious to see digital marketing becoming famous. With countless options available to market the business, digital marketing seems to be a top priority of the entrepreneurs. Well, in some other cases businessmen still preferred traditional marketing over digital marketing. Or, some tend to completely ignore marketing. The type of marketing chosen depends clearly on the niche business operating in.


Let’s talk about some entrepreneurs and their approach to marketing in general.

  1. There are few small businesses where all the processes are handled by a single person. With limited resources in hand, these businesses tend to ignore the marketing factor.
  2. There are few businesses where the owners are satisfied with the amount of market share they own and do not plan to expand. Hence, marketing doesn’t interest these entrepreneurs.
  3. There are few other businesses which tend to keep the existing customer interest and no effort is made to attract new customers. Hence, no marketing is required here as well.
  4. Speaking of the businesses that do not consider marketing, there is an existence of those businesses as well who makes an effort in brand marketing. They try to seek opportunities for growth and keep reminding their customers about their existence.
  5. There are few businesses which shine in the market since marketing is given equal importance to product and service development


Entrepreneurs of type 1-3 as in above, tend to eliminate the marketing factor be it traditional marketing or modern marketing. However, entrepreneurs of type 4 show interest in marketing but do not have time to concentrate on it.


Digital marketing still not being used up to its potential as it should be considering the benefits it can bring to the business in general. Why do then entrepreneurs lose their interest in viral marketing after all?


Difficulty in finding the Right Person

 The heading makes it clear pretty much that one of the major reasons for the entrepreneurs to ignore modern marketing is because they find it very difficult to hire the right person to do this job. And, if they find one, the remuneration to be paid would be out of their reach.


Difficulty in finding the right Digital Marketing Company

Problem here comes for small businesses who don’t have high promotional budget. Finding a reasonable agency becomes a difficult task here. Speaking of it, traditional marketing becomes the only option left to these businessmen. There are small marketing agencies who cannot be trusted for product or service marketing. They at times are unaware about b2c marketing and b2b marketing, both of which requires a different approach.


The Unsatisfactory Results

There are few online marketing companies who do not put any efforts to understand the product and processes of customers. They have a standard format to work with. This in turn leave the business with the huge loss of money as their marketing campaign fails to generate leads  


Communication Gap

The biggest problem when you outsource digital marketing is communication problems. Most of the digital marketing do not have any KPIs for their process or their KPIs would not be in line with customer’s business objectives. It shows the customer interests aren’t in line with the marketing objectives.


All these problems make viral marketing a struggle for the businessmen, hence, they hesitate to use social media marketing strategy.


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