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Will digital marketing really work?

Will digital marketing really work?

Before letting you know about “will digital marketing work?” first let us understand why an entrepreneur should choose digital marketing. 

Would you believe me if I say the regular numbers of internet users increasing rapidly? According to the few researches, internet usage among the people has been increased by 12% in the last 3 years.

As per the statistics on wiki, the people who use the internet is around 54% in 2019 and it was 48% in 2017. There are also statistics which show that internet users are growing by 20-25% every year. This shows every user have their reasons to come on the internet such as some are looking for the news, beauty products, electronic gadgets, and many more. 

On the other hand, the literacy rate of people, as per wiki is more than 85%. Adults are well-known with Google and its awesome facilities. Hence, with the increase in literacy rate and internet usage, digital marketing stands out from the crowd, giving fast-paced results to the users.

Moreover, if we talk about traditional marketing, it is facing several challenges in recent times such as:

  • Hiring a skilled employee is becoming difficult
  • Failed to develop a strong relationship
  • Need to stay limited
  • Large pay scales of employees
  • Huge travel expenses
  • Return over investment is lower than the expectations
  • Sellers are not interacting with right buyers


Since both sellers and buyers on the internet, both reaching each other is also becoming easy. 

Now, coming back to the question “will digital marketing strategy work”

I would say Yes !

Your audience is on the internet and if you are active on the internet you will reach them easily. So, why need to put manual efforts? With digital marketing, you just launch your products on the internet and get success. 

When we say digital marketing, the first thing that comes into our mind is social media marketing. Let me make you aware that social media digital marketing is not only a single place to interact with the audience. There are many types of digital marketing such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Online PR
  • Native Advertising


Well, all these cannot be or should not be used for your products. It should be based on the type of your products, area of marketing, type of customers, and price of products, etc. 

If you decide to digital marketing in-house, hire experienced digital marketing professionals and formulate the:

  • Digital marketing strategies and tactics
  • Formulate the KPI’s of digital marketing
  • Carry out the task as per the given strategy
  • Review their work at regular intervals
  • Amend the strategy, if you want.


Don’t you think it’s too hectic? It is. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency will be a good decision. With digital marketing experts, you will get a skilled team who can formulate the right digital strategy for you and work for the growth of your business. 

In a nutshell, I will tell digital marketing is not for all businesses. There can be a business that can have both traditional and digital marketing. A detailed study would be required to achieve strategic growth. 

Another important aspect I would like to remind you is ‘cope up with technology and times”. 

Call Adya for a discussion. Spend time with them and when you are convinced leave the digital marketing in their hands and you concentrate on your product or service. With the perfect mix of these two, success would be yours !